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A Happier You

Achieve greater well-being through positive thinking, feeling, and doing.

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A Happier You

A Happier You program A Happier You®, developed by Dr. Scott Glassman, is a 7-session program designed to teach you how to increase feelings of happiness in your life. Research shows that the happier we are, the better we take care of ourselves and our health. Each week has a different happiness theme. Offered in fully virtual or in-person formats, the program will cover positive events, accomplishments, personal strengths, gratitude, humor, kindness and love. In-session and between-session activities will be enjoyable and positive. The program will help you develop your “happiness muscles" as you practice focusing intentionally on positive aspects of yourself, life, relationships and the world around you.

What will I be doing in "A Happier You?"

You will meet individually with a Certified Happier You Facilitator who will guide you through seven key areas of positivity. We typically schedule half-hour individual sessions once per week for seven weeks, which can be in-person or virtual, depending on preference. As part of the program (either during sessions or between sessions), you will be asked to record feel-good moments, write a gratitude letter, identify and explore personal strengths, plan enjoyable and meaningful activities, look for opportunities to laugh, and connect in positive ways with people around you. We view happiness as a skill, meaning that your control over feeling good should increase the more you practice these exercises and integrate them into your daily routine.

Who can benefit from the program?

A Happier You is right for anyone who wants to improve pleasure, control, and meaning in their lives. It is different from psychotherapy in that you will not be exploring or processing negative experiences. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who want to address traumatic past events or who are diagnosed with mental health or substance use disorders. It is also not a substitute for professional therapy. While A Happier You is currently being researched to determine its effectiveness, it includes evidence-based approaches from the field of positive psychology. Satisfaction surveys indicate that participants have found it to increase positive feelings, reduce negative feelings, and help them pay closer attention to good things in life.

What resources will be provided?

When you enroll in "A Happier You," you will receive a program workbook, cognitive flexibility tool, and access to the Happier You mobile app which contains additional exercises.

How do I register for "A Happier You"?

We invite you to begin the registration process by calling the Center for Brief Therapy at 215-871-6487 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by filling out the form below. A staff member will contact you, ask you some questions to ensure that you will be a good fit for A Happier You, and answer any questions you might have about the program. Sessions will be individual and scheduled for a time convenient for you.

Is it okay to leave a message about Happier You at the phone number you provided above?

What if I miss a session or need to reschedule an appointment?

We would kindly ask that you provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. We do understand that illness and other interfering life events can be unpredictable. We offer each participant the option of making up two of the seven sessions.

How much does the program cost?

The 7-session program costs $250, which comes to approximately $35 per meeting.

Payment for the full program is due at the first session and out-of-pocket only. We only accept credit cards at this point. We can process credit card payments over the phone at 215-871-6910.


Achieve greater well-being through positive thinking, feeling, and doing as part of the Happier You program.