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Caregiver Wellness Program Resources

A caregiver helping a man in a wheelchair.In 2020, with generous support from the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, PCOM developed a six-part Caregiver Wellness Program designed to help caregivers manage stress more effectively and enhance their well-being.

Parts 1-3 of the workshop focus on self-care, teaching you how to better manage stress and improve your sense of personal well-being amid the challenges of life.

Parts 4-6 of the workshop explore how you can sharpen your problem-solving skills, manage your time, energy, and financial demands more effectively, and strengthen your communication skills.

We have made the powerpoints and our activities book from this workshop available for your download and personal use only (see below). We recommend you use them with a licensed mental health professional. They are not a substitute for professional help. If you have any questions about this program, please email

Program Resources

Please select the workshop resource you would like to view or download. All files are in PDF format.

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Activities Book

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Resources and Examples

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 1: Stress and Burnout

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 2: Long-Term Self-Care

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 3: Managing Demands

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 4: Effective Communication

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 5: Problem-Solving

Caregiver Wellness Workshop Part 6: Putting It All Together